The Walking Dead – is that what we’re setting up our Marine Corps to be? – Allen B. West –{0}

This is being posted to educate and generate duscussion.

Allen West speaks.

When I was in the military the U.S. Marine Corps was referred to as �America�s 911 Force,� and indeed the Marines were ready � and able � to provide an immediate response to any developing crisis situation.

But if we continue to cut down into the bone marrow in a volatile world, who will answer the 911 call? Certainly you don�t think a drone will. There is no force more ready and prepared, on station, than a Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) MEU(SOC). However, the base unit of a MEU(SOC) is a Marine Infantry Battalion, which is being decimated. And understand, we are also cutting the other preeminent U.S. ground force, the U.S. Army, to 1940 pre-conscription levels � to go along with a post-World War I Marine Corps end strength.